16 Best Simple Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos can be used for cosmetic reasons. They are a simple way of expressing our feelings. Simple tattoo designs are great for a first tattoo or even as a filler for a sleeve or back piece. Another great thing about simple tattoo designs is that they are easy to add onto and easy to cover up. You could turn a single rose into a vine of roses, or a single butterfly into flowers and butterflies. Below simple tattoo design gallery gives you ideas by seeing gallery pictures of infinity tattoos design.

Sexy Tattoos
Hot and sexy tattoo designs can be placed anywhere on a girl's body and would still come out as striking as any other tattoo designs, even if it is located on or near the ankle.

sexy boob tattoos | source
Small Beetle Tattoo
Small beetle tattoo designs are very suitable placed on the wrist, because it would be easy to hide with a watch that we wear. Small elephant tattoo designs can be inked on wrist, back, shoulder, knee, ankle, ribs, upper arm, inner arm, sleeve, back of neck and many other parts of body.

Awesome Beetle Tattoo For Girls
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Biomechanical Tattoo
Biomechanical tattoo designs are usually highly detailed, so depending on how large the piece is you should be prepared to sit for a while for these tattoos.

Amazing Biomechanical Tattoos For Men
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Star Tattoos
You know you'd fine stars on a list of 33 cute small tattoo designs, right? Stars are another one of those ever-popular tats that make the top 5, and we love this particular design because it's simple and to the point- yet still amazingly cute and stylish.

Sexy Star Tattoos For Girls
Star Tattoo For Girls | Image
Floral Tattoos
Tattoos focusing on beauty, such as flowers and vines, are very common as simple foot tattoos. Flowers are beautiful things, but you can’t exactly capture a rose in a simple design. A pretty flower is girly and cute. The rose is a complex flower and works beautifully as a tattoo design.

Sexy Thigh Floral Tattoo Designs For Girls
Sexy Thigh Floral Tattoo For Girls | Image
Dragon Tattoos
There are several popular dragon and moon designs to choose from, or you can make up your own! One great design that can be customized to suit your own personal preferences, is for the dragon to be encircling a crescent moon so that it follows the moon's shape and almost covers it completely.

Sexy Hip Dragon Tattoos For Girls
Amazing Hip Dragon Tattoos | Image
Military Tattoos
Military tattoo designs are usually centered around the pride a person has in his branch, unit, and country.

Amazing Military Tattoo Designs
Amazing Military Tattoos | Image
Love and Music Tattoos
Love and music just go together, right? So why not combine the two with this graceful little masterpiece placed delicately across your feminine wrists.

Love & Music Tattoo Designs
Love & Music Tattoos | Image
Heart Tattoo
Why this is a cute tattoo for girls: Hearts are definitely common small tattoos, but it is totally possible to find a design that is unique and suits your style.

Amazing Forearm Heart Tattoos
Creative Heart Tattoos | Image
Feather Tattoo
A beautiful woven web accompanied by bird feather that is believed to catch dreams is amazing when tattooed at a larger canvas like back and forearms.

Awesome Feather Tattoo Designs
Breathtaking Feather & Flying Bird Tattoo | Image
Moon Tattoos
Moon tattoos are perfect for anyone who believes in the powers and influence of celestial powers, has a whimsical side, or appreciates the history and science of astronomy. One popular design choice for the wolf and moon tattoo is to have the wolf howling at the moon.

Floral Moon Tattoo Designs
Stunning Floral Moon Tattoos | Image
Paw Print Tattoo
Why this is a cute tattoo for girls: This paw print tattoo is adorable and the perfect small tattoo for girls who love animals! This small paw print would look great anywhere, but it is adorably ironic placed on your hand. In addition to representing a love for animals, a paw print tattoo is a great way to pay tribute to a beloved pet that has passed on.

Small Paw Print Tattoo Designs
Small Finger Paw Print Tattoo | Image
Each Zodiac Tattoo
Each zodiac sign represents unique personality traits, so tattooing yours is one of the best ways to express yourself. It is one of the most unique ideas of getting the complete planets and other planetary positions or moon faces on your feet.

Zodiac Tattoo Ideas
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Seahorse Tattoo
Although seahorses are real, they’re unique appearance and fascinating mating ritual are something that make them seem almost fantasy-like, which is why the seahorse is most often considered a symbol of creativity.

Lovely Finger Seahorse Tattoo
Lovely Seahorse Tattoo | Image
Symbol Tattoos
As a symbol of the zodiac, Pisces is a water sign that represents fluidity of personality. The symbol for the king of hearts is inked onto the male wearer's ring finger while the symbol of the queen of hearts is inked onto the female wearer's ring finger. Birds have often been consider a symbol of elegance and grace, and silhouettes of birds in motion makes for a truly graceful and elegant tattoo.

Amazing Geometry Symbol Tattoos
Image Credit: Pinterest
Bow and Arrow Tattoos
Little arrows have become really popular lately. A little bow in shaded gray and brown is a lovely small tattoo just perfect for a delicate girl's hand. You can't go wrong with the simple lines and artistic shape of this tattoo.

Beautiful Bow & Arrow Tattoo Designs
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